Streamline the drop-off process with Welcome Station Kiosk.

Enable vehicle owners to check themselves in using a user-friendly, auto repair welcome kiosk.

Auto repair welcome kiosk streamlines the morning drop-off rush and keep vehicle owners on the go.
Build positive relationships with vehicle owners through quick, personalized service.
Enable vehicle owners to upsell themselves with weather-related and seasonal service add-ons.

Low-cost, high-impact way to build positive relationships with vehicle owners

Delivering fast service is critical to making vehicle owners happy. But it can be difficult during the morning rush when everyone wants attention. Welcome Station Kiosk helps streamline the process by enabling vehicle owners to check themselves in on an easy-to-navigate, touchscreen, auto repair welcome kiosk. Vehicle owners simply need to enter their phone number, and Welcome Station can pull up information for new and current customers. Vehicle owners can also update their contact information and have it enter directly into your shop management system.

Enables Vehicle Owners to Upsell Themselves

Based on location, local weather, and customer history, Welcome Station Kiosk will automatically recommend needed services, enabling vehicle owners to upsell themselves. The program integrates in real time with your shop management software so your advisors can easily build out job estimates to review with the vehicle owner by phone or text later in the day.

No contracts

No Contracts – Ever

You’ll never be locked into a long-term contract. That means our team is committed to earning your trust and support every day.

100% Real-Time Two-Way Integration

BOLT ON software syncs with your shop management system in real-time and works with most major shop management systems.

Upsell More Services at Check-In

Learn how Welcome Station Kiosk can help keep your busy business running smoothly, upsell more serves, and gather the most current customer contact information.