Welcome Station Kiosk

Welcome kiosk for quick check-in and happier customers.

Faster Customer Check-In

Welcome Station Kiosk helps streamline the drop off process by enabling customers to check themselves in on an easy-to-navigate, touchscreen, welcome kiosk. Customers simply enter their phone number and Welcome Station can pull up their information for a quick check-in process. This works for both new and current customers.


Easy Upselling

Welcome Station Kiosk gives customers the option to add additional services based on location, weather and season. When a customer selects these add ons, it is automatically added to your daily workflow in your shop management system. Customers never feel pressured because Welcome Station Kiosk helped them upsell themselves!


Capture Customer Information

Integrating a welcome kiosk, like Welcome Station, helps you collect valuable customer data. When customers walk up to a Welcome Station Kiosk they are immediately prompted to enter their email address and verify their information which automatically syncs with your shop management system to ensure an accurate customer record.


Syncs with Shop Management System

Welcome Station Kiosk syncs seamlessly in real-time with most major shop management software platforms.

No contracts

No Contracts – Ever

You’ll never be locked into a long-term contract. That means our team is committed to earning your trust and support every day.

100% Real-Time Two-Way Integration

BOLT ON software syncs with your shop management system in real-time and works with most major shop management systems.

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