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Automotive Marketing
Retain Your Best Customers

Build lasting customer relationships through personalized text, email, and targeted direct mail campaigns.

Text Directly With Your Customers

  • Personalized Text Marketing
    Automated marketing campaigns that are personalized to each customer.
  • Full Two-Way Communication
    Engage with your customers in the ways that they want to communicate.
  • Text Campaigns
    Text campaigns receive a 70%+ response rate. Ensure your customers have safe vehicles and trust your recommendations.

“I truly believe the texting and emailing feature of BOLT ON has allowed my business to double. BOLT ON’s solution has been so easy to use and incorporate into my business.”

Melvindale Car Care, Melvindale, MI

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Email Your Customers Service Reminders

  • Send Automated Emails That Feel Personalized
    Nothing turns people off from emails more than a sales-y appearance.
  • Large Library of Prebuilt Email Designs
    Utilize our library of email designs and customize the branding to your business.
  • Use Email To Get Customer Attention
    You have just a few seconds to capture someone’s attention. Emails need to be short, sweet, and drive sales.
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Send Postcards to Generate Traffic

  • Intelligent Coupons
    Send discounts only to those customers who wouldn’t visit otherwise.
  • Personalized Direct Mail Marketing
    Our system automatically prioritizes which customers to send a personalized postcard to each month based on your budget.
  • Extensive Library of Prebuilt Designs
    Utilize our library of postcard designs and customize the branding to your business.
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Track Your Phone Calls

  • Caller Identification
    Know the customers name, vehicle, and service history the instant they call in. Eliminate the information gathering to quickly schedule appointments and recommend new services.
  • Use Anywhere
    Use phone numbers to track marketing through any channel. Advertising in the local paper? Use a unique number.
  • Track Results
    See where every call is coming from so you never waste another dollar on a marketing campaign that is not performing.
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Already a BOLT ON Customer?

If you’re already a BOLT ON Customer you already know the power of our software, but we want to offer you a 30-day FREE trial of Retention Pro!

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New to BOLT ON?

If you’re new to BOLT ON and ready to give it a try we want to offer you a 30-day FREE trial of Retention Pro!

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Digital inspections sent directly to customers to increase repair order value.

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Two-way texting and emails to delight customers and save you time.


Customized and optimized websites for your business.

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Monitor and improve the public feedback your customers are providing.

Unlock the Power of BOLT ON!

Experience firsthand how our software that drives improved revenues for businesses just like yours.