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Payments Pro
Streamline Your Payment Processing

Seamlessly accept customer payments and automate your accounting.

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Accept Payments From Anywhere

  • Text to Pay
    Text invoices to customers leading to more valuable customer interactions at pickup.
  • In-Person Payments
    Accept credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay

“BOLT ON software has become a central part of our daily routine in the shop. I schedule all service appointments and do my invoices on the platform.”

Car Source Service Center, Doylestown PA


Safe And Secure!

BOLT ON Payment's Pro is powered by STRIPE.
  • Secure End Customer Experience
    Enables customers to pay online through a simple and secure link, that protects vehicle owners credit card information.
  • Dispute support
    Timely notice and personalized assistance for chargeback disputes.
  • Fraud protection
    Online payments are secured by behavioral biometric analysis that flags suspicious activity and shifts identity verification to credit card companies shifting fraud liability away from the shop owners.
  • Simple Cost Structure
    We have a fixed processing rate which means a predictable cost of doing business for you.
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Eliminate Reconciliation

  • No Double Entry
    Your invoices, payments, and accounting will always be kept in sync with your management system.
  • Two-Way Integration
    Pull all data directly from the invoice and automatically mark the transaction paid when complete.
  • Avoid Inefficient Separate Systems
    Eliminates the need to use separate platforms for shop management and payment processing, streamlining operations.

Save Time and Make Your Day Easier!

  • Facilitates After-hour Car Pick-ups
    Shop owners can accept payments even when they're not at their shops, and employees aren't required to stay late just to handle payments in-store.
  • Efficient workflow for Service Advisors
    Sending a link to collect payments means the owner or service writer spends less time returning a car to a customer.
  • Personalized Campaigns
    Build lasting customer relationships through automated text, email, and direct mail campaigns.

“ Having integrated payments is saving us around 45 minutes at the end of the day when we close out our books. All the payments are logged inside of Mitchell1, allowing us to leave the shop on time for dinner.”



Offer Customer Financing (COMING SOON)

  • Flexible Financing Leads to Higher Spend
    Customers receive the repairs they need to maintain a safe vehicle by having flexible payment terms.
  • No Credit Risk
    Receive payment instantly with no credit risk to you.

Personalized text, email, and direct mail campaigns to drive sales.


Two-way texting and emails to delight customers and save you time.

100x100 Car

Digital inspections sent directly to customers to increase repair order value.

5 stars

Monitor and improve the public feedback your customers are providing.

Unlock the Power of BOLT ON!

Experience firsthand how our software that drives improved revenues for businesses just like yours.