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Turbo-Charge Your Shop with the All-in-One Digital Inspection & Targeted Marketing Solution

We took the DVI power of NextGear and combined it with the marketing performance of Retention Pro for a full throttle business acceleration tool.


Stay Connected To Your Customers BEFORE, DURING & AFTER Each Visit

Digital Inspections + Marketing Automation is your all-in-one business growth and customer communication tool. Send personalized text & email campaigns to drive customers back to your shop.

Keep customers up-to-speed with real-time service updates including photos and videos sent directly to their smart device – increasing approvals.

  • Gain a 70% Increase in Repeat Business
    Greatly increase annual customer visits
  • Increase AROs by an average of 39%
    Sell more services per customer visit
  • Increase Car Count by 18%
    Bring back the customers most likely to return and buy more
  • Ensure Maximum ROI
    Track campaign performance in real time to ensure profitability
  • Full Shop Management System Integration
    Our DVI and targeted marketing solution integrates seamlessly with your SMS

Sell More Services with NextGear Digital Inspections

Turbo-charge profits with NextGear Powered by BOLT ON, the only cloud-based inspection tool that’s fully integrated with your marketing efforts. Send full color photos & videos to show customers needed repairs to get approvals in minutes. Schedule future appointments quickly, and fast-track your workflow.

  • Increase Customer Trust and Loyalty
    Text customers full color, visually appealing digital vehicle inspection reports, complete with photos, videos, notes, and recommendations
  • Get Services Approved Faster
    Communicate in real time with preloaded and customizable text messages for faster response times, improved transparency, and increased professionalism
  • Schedule More Future Appointments
    Accurately schedule all routine maintenance and pending recommendations with the push of a button

Bring Back Your Most Profitable Customers with Retention Pro

Put your marketing on cruise control. Automated marketing with Retention Pro drives customers back into your shop by allowing you to target specific customers with minimal effort. See what promotions have been sent, customer responses, and work performed – a complete road map of each customer’s service history.

*30-Day Free Marketing Automation Trial Available

  • Use Your DVI Reports to Bring Drivers Back
    Create campaigns to promote the upcoming service needs previously identified by your techs
  • Target the Right Customers at the Right Time
    Personalized text and email marketing campaigns identify the customers most likely to spend more
  • Combat Slow Seasonality
    Target customers based on past behavior, recommended services, and lost business
  • Maximize Your ROI
    Run real-time campaign performance reports to ensure the right customers are coming back, again and again
  • Apply Minimal Effort On Your Part
    We will deploy, monitor, and test each campaign so you can focus on running your shop
Automotive Marketing

Retain Your Best Customers and Increase Revenues