The BOLT ON Effect

Shop management software to help you streamline operations, create happy, repeat customers, and increase revenue.

Build trust with vehicle owners by making the repair process as transparent as possible.
Win repeat business by creating a customer experience that is based on trust and loyalty.
Streamline your business practices to be more efficient and generate more appointments.

Streamline operations and create happy repeat customers— That’s the BOLT ON Effect

BOLT ON shop management software solutions are designed to work together to create organized and streamlined operations for your auto repair shop. Our programs “bolt on” to your shop management software, enhancing its usability and enabling your team to be trusted advisors to vehicle owners and not just order takers.

The BOLT ON Effect puts vehicle owners in the driver’s seat by enabling them to easily set their own appointments, check themselves in, upsell themselves on needed services, and pay with the tap of a finger. With detailed digital inspections and continuous communication, vehicle owners aren’t taken by surprise when they come to pick up their vehicle because they’ve been kept “in the know” throughout the entire process.

Discover How BOLT ON Brings it All Together

The BOLT ON Effect enables you to

  • Treat each vehicle owner to a personalized experience.
  • Reach out to vehicle owners for approval or status updates via text message.
  • Send videos, photos and tech notes to vehicle owners.
  • Maintain constant communication with your team.
  • Track a tech's time.
  • Maintain thorough reporting.
  • And so much more!

Your improved communications and efficiency will help you to increase your AROs by an average of 39%! Ready to see how The BOLT ON Effect will enhance your shop? Contact your BOLT ON sales representative to learn more.

No contracts

No Contracts – Ever

You’ll never be locked into a long-term contract. That means our team is committed to earning your trust and support every day.

100% Real-Time Two-Way Integration

BOLT ON software syncs with your shop management system in real-time and works with most major shop management systems.

Build A More Successful Business

Learn how an advanced workflow and business advantages from BOLT ON will transform the success of your business.