This contract may be cancelled within the first (30) thirty day period without cause, however fees paid will be deemed earned. The above-signed Authorized Signature ("Customer") agrees to pay in advance non-refundable Setup Fees and first month’s installment, payable upon the signing of this agreement. Bolt On Technology, LLC. agrees to provide credit card transaction solution built into, or run as stand-alone solution to shops existing shop management system. Bolt On Technology, LLC. Solutions could also include: FTP data transfer agent, shop-management system database conversion and normalization, web-application configuration, postcards customization, coupon incentive program, text messaging, payable in monthly payments. At the end of the Membership Plan this contract continues on a month-to-month basis at the rate per monthly contractual Plan in place at the end of the Contract Term, unless Customer signs-up for a longer Contractual Plan. The term of the agreement is monthly (Month to Month). Monthly Payments are due and payable in advance on the billing date of each month. Total Contract billing is based on solutions purchased by customer. The Customer agrees to give Bolt On Technology, LLC. a 30-day written notice of intent to change or terminate service. If Customer terminates Contract prior to the expiration of the Plan Term, Customer agrees to pay in lump sum the difference between amounts paid to date and the Total Contract amount or the amount which would have been due if Customer had elected a shorter Contract Plan. Bolt On Technology, LLC. is not responsible for data update access, accuracy, merchantability, legality or safety of any service recommendations, business practices covered in our service. Inability to provide services due to actions of Customer does not suspend billing or relieve Customer of obligations under this Agreement. Failure by Customer to provide a replacement credit card or other form of payment to bring account current will result services suspension until payment is made. At Bolt On Technology, LLC.’s options, deposits and/or quarterly billings may be required to cure default if account becomes past due 30 days. Payments received later than 30 days from billing date will accrue a service charge at a rate of 1.5% per month. Accounts past due for more than 60 days will be removed from the server and require a setup fee of $595.00 to cure the default and re-initiate services. Customer is responsible for any and all collection costs or litigation costs arising from collection efforts related to this contract This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

Bolt On Technology Materials

The Customer shall be responsible to provide Bolt On Technology, LLC. with all the materials necessary to perform the Software Suite Services, including, without limitation, initial Shop Management Software database upload, logos, promotional materials, sales offer concepts and such other information as requested by Bolt On Technology, LLC.. You grant Bolt On Technology, LLC., its agents, assigns and subcontractors a royalty free license to use all transactional information. You hold Bolt On Technology, LLC., its agents and assigns harmless and waive all claims, which may arise out of such use. Any changes subject to (30) thirty-day written notice. You grant Bolt On Technology, a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty free, worldwide license to use of any intellectual property content that you supply during the use of any Bolt On software application module. This content is all inclusive including, but not limited to customer, vehicle, transactional and or vehicle or content images that are submitted using any of Bolt On solutions. Bolt On reserves the right to re-use this information for any purposes stated and those not stated within this document. You will not supply unauthorized content commercial communications as part of your application use. You agree to not use Bolt On Technology’s copyrights or trademarks or any confusing similar marks, except as expressly permitted by Brand Usage Guidelines or with our prior written permission. You are agreeing to the responsibility of this document regardless of user that provided any information to any one of our technical solutions being deployed. Additionally Bolt On Technology, LLC shall oversee the actions used in our technology and is authorized to protect you and themselves from harm.

Liability and Service Limitations

It is expressly agreed that the liability of Bolt On Technology, LLC. or any damages arising out of the Software Suite Services to the customer, whether caused by the negligence of Bolt On Technology, LLC. employees or otherwise, is limited to actual damages, but shall in no event exceed $50.00 or one month's basic monthly charge, whichever is less. A $20 charge will be assessed for every credit card decline, returned or “bounced” check. Bolt On Technology, LLC. reserves the right to terminate service due to lack of contact, lack of payment, or due to a suspicious nature of business procedures on the part of the Customer.